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Catherine Pugh and Verletta White should resign

Please someone help me understand the lack of leadership of women within the state of Maryland. First, we have Verletta White of Baltimore County Public Schools neglecting to disclose her outside income to the Board of Education for consulting work she performed along with Dallas Dance, who by the way served jail time for his negligence in record keeping. Yet, Ms. White continues to have her job as interim superintendent of the school system.

Now, we have the mayor of Baltimore City, Catherine Pugh, who supposedly wrote a children’s book for students in Baltimore City Public Schools, and at least some of these books were never distributed (“What Baltimore still needs to know about UMMS' deals with board members, particularly mayor's books,” Mar. 19). Then it becomes public that Ms. Pugh received $100,000 from the University of Maryland Medical System and, by the way, she just happens to serve on their board and 8,700 of the books are sitting in a warehouse.

Shame on both of these women. Baltimore County and Baltimore City should insist on both of these women resigning and attending ethics training. Despite their illegal efforts, nothing has improved with regards to school improvement. Maybe we could find women leaders that are committed to our students, willing to follow the rules and stop the greedy behaviors that inhibit the well being of the community they serve.

Martha Lappe

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