Marjory Stoneman Douglas would approve

The articulate students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are a credit to the school's namesake (“Florida students not backing off their push for gun regulations: ‘They’ve got fire in their eyes,’” Feb. 22). Their impressive commitment to crusade for long overdue gun reform legislation echoes that of Marjory Stoneman Douglas's activism. During her long lifetime, she fought fearlessly and effectively for women's suffrage, civil rights, social justice and the environment.

A journalist (her father founded the newspaper that became the Miami Herald for which she wrote) and author, she is renowned for her primary role in the preservation and restoration of the Florida Everglades for which she received many accolades including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

A reporter characterized her as having "a tongue like a switchblade and the moral authority to embarrass bureaucrats and politicians and make things happen." As Ms. Douglas made things happen, may the students be successful in their concerted efforts to achieve sane, significant, and meaningful gun safety measures.

Linda F. Lapides, Baltimore

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