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Baltimore can't justify deportation lawyer fees

How can the city can justify spending $200,000 on attorneys while under-funding our schools and public safety (“Baltimore spending board to approve $200,000 for lawyers to fight deportations,” March 6)? Baltimore area politicians are willing to spend taxpayers' money and support sanctuary city policies that burden our schools and financial resources, but they refuse to eat their own cooking.

For instance, my 5th grade daughter's teacher is forced to spend a considerable amount of time using a iPhone translator to communicate to students who are here due to sanctuary city policies. Do you think that former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake’s daughter at Roland Park Country or former Gov. Martin O'Malley's sons at Loyola Blakefield or Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s sons at Gilman have to sit around while their teachers struggle to communicate to a child in their class? How many illegal immigrants unable to speak English attend Gilman, Roland Park, Loyola or any of the other area private schools that local politicians send their children to escape the failed schools their policies created?

While politicians’ children enjoy an uninterrupted education in air conditioned and heated classrooms, my daughter and thousands of her public school classmates education is being stolen.

Gene Curran, Baltimore

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