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New Democratic Party chair needs more detailed platform

While I am a registered Republican, I am actually an independent who votes for the person I think is most qualified for the position for which they are running. I am not happy with the Republican Party lately, although I did vote for Gov. Larry Hogan as I felt he was the most qualified candidate. But if I were looking to become a Democrat, I certainly did not get any useful information from Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, the new state Democratic leader, (“‘We have a structural problem in the Democratic Party:’ Maya Rockeymoore Cummings takes helm of Maryland party,” Dec. 9)

I felt The Sun’s Luke Broadwater did a poor job in interviewing Ms. Cummings by not delving into her answers, which basically said nothing as to what she planned. To blame Baltimore’s problem in education on Mr. Hogan was a cheap shot, as she needs to look at who is running Baltimore. Democrats are in charge, Ms. Cummings, and have been for awhile. I voted for Mr. Hogan because I don’t believe in giving everything away free. I worked and paid for my college education and it meant more to me since it wasn’t a freebie. And free health care? Look at socialized medicine in Europe; not the greatest.

Democratic policies are the problem as well as putting qualified people up for the position of governor. To say “we are going to be developing a party platform and we’ll work out the details,” means nothing. No current platform? Convince me to become a Democrat by showing me what you are going to do and how you will pay for it. Baltimore is a good example to develop priorities and strategies, both of which they lack. Don’t just talk about structural problems which can’t be identified.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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