Why did Pugh ignore police chief's tax woes?

In response to former police commissioner Darryl De Sousa's guilty plea in failing to file tax returns, wrongly claiming deductions and falsifying information to defraud the IRS, Mayor Catherine Pugh is quoted as saying, "I am not responsible for what people do about their personal lives” ("Baltimore’s Mayor Pugh says she wasn’t aware ex-police commissioner De Sousa’s tax issues were flagged in 2015,” Dec. 19).

Where is her outrage about the character of the individual whom she appointed as Baltimore's top cop? Not filing taxes and lying to reduce your tax liability is a crime. Mayor Pugh should be loudly condemning this behavior in any citizen — especially in a citizen appointed police commissioner whose pay is solely derived from hard working citizens who pay their fair share of taxes. Shame on you, Mayor Pugh.

Sarah Littlepage, Baltimore

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