City Council lives in a different world

It is great that Shannon Sneed has a job that allows her to bring her child to work every day (“At Baltimore City Hall, 1-year-old girl is unofficial 16th council member,” Dec. 11). However, the article illustrates two points. First, that this is just another example of the Political World being different from the Real World. Imagine little Baby Rae in a board meeting or next to her mama at a fast food restaurant (“Your order will be right up after I change this diaper”). That is not happening in 2017 or anytime in the near future. Second, Ms. Sneed's point of view is very self-centered. She said she was worried she wouldn't be able to make it work. With a part-time job that pays $67,000, I would think that would easily cover quality part-time child care and still allow Ms. Sneed to perform her job.

While this is a feel-good story and I am glad that it works for Shannon Sneed and her family, I can only wonder how many hardworking families and mothers would love to trade places with Ms. Sneed in an instant.

M. Albrecht, Finksburg

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