President Trump did the right thing on DACA

Contrary to headlines, President Donald Trump has not ended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Rather, he has given Congress a six-month deadline to take action. The Constitution entrusts Congress, not the president, “to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” President Trump is simply putting that function back where it belongs. This is not xenophobia but appropriate replacement of responsibility back to Congress.

DACA should never have been a unilateral executive action by President Barack Obama; it constitutionally should have been a decision made by Congress. But Congress has become unable to take effective actions. Now, Congress either acts in concert, or fails in concert.

At this point voters have the ability and responsibility to urge their elected legislators to work bi-partisanly to pass legislation that is affirmative, rather than simply taking every opportunity to savage anything the other party proposes. If those constituents urge lawmakers to make reasonable compromises, deals can be made. If they urge their legislators to reject compromises, DACA will in fact end. This is a forced opportunity for legislators of both parties to act like adults, working together for the American people, rather than for their own narrow personal or party interests.

Over the last 20 years there has been a slow expansion of presidential prerogative at the expense of constitutionally mandated congressional authority and responsibility. The American public has come to accept the president taking "executive actions” in ways and with an aggressiveness never seen before. Over that same period of time we have seen a progressively more partisan Congress become ever more dysfunctional.

American voters elected an outsider as president, and a major reason was disgust with politics as usual. Congress is being forced to take responsibility for its constitutionally mandated duties. It is what voters have been demanding for many years, even if the manner and the messenger are not what many might have been preferred. Even if the reason for forced bi-partisanship is one you don’t like, we are seeing the possibility of working across the aisle on major legislation for the first time in decades.

We need to see the opportunities we have for bi-partisan cooperation in other issues as well, like health care, the Iran nuclear agreement, and issues of the Veteran’s Administration.

President Trump is a provocative and politically incorrect individual who successfully used those characteristics to become president. The voters of the United States of America elected him by the rules set down in the Constitution, the same rules that were in place for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States. He is not going to be ruled medically unfit for office. He is not going to be indicted. He is not going to be impeached. Like it or not, he is your president.

Tim Robinson

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