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Cross Street Market developers, city leave out small and minority and women-owned businesses

The Sun article, (“Atlas Restaurant group to open seafood spots at Cross Street Market, replacing Nick's,” Apr. 17) quotes Councilman Eric Costello as being “thrilled” about Atlas Restaurant Group coming to Cross Street Market.

The more than two-year process by Caves Valley Partners and Baltimore City officials to renovate Cross Street Market has not been thrilling for many residents and long term merchants. No minority-owned or women-owned businesses from Cross Street will be returning to the renovated market. Caves Valley Partners and city officials did nothing to support businesses who were well liked and respected by the community.

When will Baltimore City officials start to care for the high-tax-paying residents and small businesses, rather than supporting big money developers who come into communities and impose their vision? It is no surprise that city businesses are closing and residents continue to leave Baltimore City. For many, the “thrill” is gone.

Hopefully, some of the former Cross Street merchants will get some relief through the court system.

Kevin O'Keeffe, Baltimore

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