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Get rid of entitlements - as in corporate handouts

Recently, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell stated that “entitlements are the long term driver of the debt” (“Dems shift line of attack, warning of GOP threat to Medicare,” Oct. 17). He said the only way to reduce the record high federal deficit was to cut entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The 2018 budget deficit was $779 billion, the highest since 2012.

A U.S. Department of the Treasury analysis revealed that corporate tax cuts and military spending were responsible for the increased deficit. The tax revenue on corporate income decreased from $297 billion in 2017 to $205 billion in 2018. The tax cut recently enacted will cost $1.5 trillion over a decade and benefited the richest Americans.

Yes, it is time to get rid of the entitlements. The excessive tax cuts on the wealthy and large corporations, the tax benefits and subsides for large businesses, oil and gas companies, the pharmaceutical industry, large agriculture, chemical companies and many others. Senator McConnell and his ilk want to impose the deficit on those who can afford it least, the old, the sick and the poor. It’s a disgrace that a country as rich as the United States refuses to care for its citizens.

Bernard Bartos, Ellicott City

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