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Climate change should not be a partisan issue

Why aren’t we listening and acting to save ourselves?

Nonpartisan scientists and nonpartisan military leaders are clear and unambiguous. The earth is warming and sea levels are rising. It is an undeniable fact and, as our world is racing like lemmings toward catastrophe, our president is playing golf and dropping out of solution focused international climate change organizations (“Scientists, world leaders and military experts take on climate change; Trump golfs,” Oct. 9). His political cronies, and a large segment of the Republican base, aggressively deny terminal reality by explaining they’re “not scientists.”

Increasingly deadly weather; ineluctable world wide floods, droughts, lack of food and potable water; forced migrations; and the resulting military conflicts are all on the horizon — and every day we fail to take the necessary bold steps increases the inevitability.

At this stage, the only solution is American leadership and international cooperation. That requires enlightened American politicians with courage and conviction, which, in turn, means that if you’re in high school or on a walker and hope to have a safe life for you, your children and grandchildren, you need to get active and vote for candidates who pledge to solve this looming disaster.

Roger C. Kostmayer, Baltimore

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