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Don't let Trump gut NOAA

I am extremely upset that the Trump administration wants to inundate our nation's public institutions including departments and agencies with climate deniers (“California knocks Trump as it extends climate change effort,” July 26). The integrity of our ocean, marine and coastal agencies are on the line as Congress looks to make deep cuts across the board.

Sadly, President Donald Trump's skinny budget offers no middle ground here. We can't afford to give the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chump change for some of our nation's innovative projects like the marine debris program. Did you know? By 2050, there will be more plastic out in the ocean than fish. Even today, from bait to plate, there are traces of micro-plastics in the fish we consume. Consider what this could mean for Maryland's watermen communities up and down the Chesapeake Bay who rely on the bounty of rockfish and blue crabs.

Our human health along with our coastal economy depends on keeping NOAA afloat and doing its job. We need NOAA to continue cleaning up our coasts and protecting our coastal communities from going underwater.Join me in preventing this administration from sinking NOAA like the Titanic. Let's work together with Sens. Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin and protect the agency for our watermen.

Jaime D. Sigaran, Baltimore

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