Earth Day: Time to take action on climate change

I have seen much of the Earth in a half-century of living on three different continents, as well as the West Coast, the Midwest and the East Coast of the United States.

The past decade has brought crazy weather to all of my past and present homes; disappearing villages in Myanmar from heavy storms and sea-level rise; unusually warm winters with virtually no snow followed by extreme snow in Minnesota; increasing amounts and size of forest fires in California resulting in unusual events such as raining ashes down on UCLA students in September 2017; more frequent and widespread floods in England; and this year, a snowless winter followed by a snowy spring in Maryland.

Some of the time, all this crazy weather makes me want to go inside and ignore what is happening to our earth. Most of the time, I have managed to stay sane enough to go outside and admire the beauty we do have around us — emerging green leaves of every shade, colorful buds on trees and bushes, frog calls, soaring eagles, and the feel of sunshine and soft breezes.

Then I reach out to my community and my members of Congress to help create the will for a bipartisan climate mitigation legislation. Why? It is the logical, moral thing to do. It’s logical because we know that climate models have predicted these changes in weather patterns for several decades, and we need the strength of bipartisanship for lasting legislation. Moral because I am part of the problem, and hence, I need to be part of the solution.

This Earth Day, make a commitment to be part of solutions by learning about bipartisan climate solutions such as carbon fee and dividend. Then follow-up by joining organizations that call for bipartisan climate legislation.

Sabrina S. Fu, Ellicott City

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