Firing commissioner won't reduce crime

Mayor Catherine Pugh has fired Baltimore’s police commissioner (“Baltimore mayor: I am impatient,” Jan. 23). Too bad that will do nothing for the crime rate.

Baltimore’s government only has an interest in feel-good quick policies or actions, and has no desire or ability to create a comprehensive plan. Repair the schools? No real policies or substantive action. Deal with the out-of-control crime? Tie the city police officers’ hands as much as possible. Cut their funding. Leave them in an impossible situation that is causing this skyrocket in crime. Then fire the police commissioner so it looks like you did something.

Mayor Pugh is only capable of quick actions that the media can cover in a soundbite. She and her government have no ability whatsoever to actually govern and repair a city. Tear down statues? That's easy, let's do that. Say we don't like Donald Trump? Let's make that the first action we have as a City Council. Make sure children are safe, can learn to read and make sure citizens can go about their lives without being caught in the crossfire? Too hard, blame someone else, tie their hands, do nothing.

City government is directly responsible through its ineptitude for holding back, holding down, and destroying the lives of the people of Baltimore. Yet nobody seems to care or notice. It is time for someone to actually do something real.

Eric S. Hanson, Westminster

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