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Fluff award goes to City Council members not questioning police commissioner nominee

The confirmation of Joel Fitzgerald is really getting ready to literally hit the fan (“Where do Baltimore City Council members stand on Joel Fitzgerald,” Dec. 3). What exactly are Mayor Catherine Pugh and Mr. Fitzgerald trying to hide from the City Council and the public? What exactly is it that you do not want to come to light in this entire farce of a selection process for Baltimore City Police Commissioner (“Baltimore's would-be police chief says he wants to build trust with the community. Refusing to let us see his resume is not a good start,” Nov. 27)?

Reminds me of a used car salesman telling you “this old Caddie is the best deal on the block with a new paint job and all,” but won’t let you look under the hood or start the engine. I am amazed at the number of City Council members who “fluff” on whether they will vote for him without any further information being given. I commend Councilmen Brandon Scott, Ryan Dorsey, Zeke Cohen and Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer for their guts in coming out with their honest opinions. Mary Pat Clark, Bill Henry, Edward Reisinger, Shannon Sneed, John T. Bullock and Robert Stokes Sr. are my nominations for the “Baltimore City Council Fluff Award.” By the way, fluffing is taught in Politics 101, which states “if you are afraid to say something that you could later be held accountable for, then fluff and say nothing.” It is a lot like punting.

And then there are those members who refuse to comment at all or cannot be "reached for comment.” No comment needed on them. I am glad Mr. Fitzgerald has decided to keep his day job in Ft. Worth as it doesn’t sound like the council, the ones with guts anyway, will vote for him.

Stas Chrzanowski , Baltimore

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