Why what happened in Texas won't be the last mass shooting

The latest mass-murder shooting at a church in Texas joins a long list of atrocities (“Domestic violence may have been at the heart of the Texas shootings; federal law does far too little to stop it,” Nov. 7).

Where is it safe? Church, school, concerts, the workplace — just about anywhere could be the next murder scene.

And there will be more. Why? Because we no longer live in a fact-based society — or perhaps I should say the nation is under the thumb of a Republican Party for which facts are an inconvenience. As much as this party wants everyone to believe that mental illness (or just plain evil) is at the root of these murders, the fact is that if guns were less available, there would be fewer mass murders.

That is particularly true for the so-called assault weapons that have been used in many of these incidents. These are military-style weapons only differing in the lack of full automatic fire.

Yet we have recently seen how even that tiny difference was breached. There was a ban on assault rifles from 1994-2004. Had that still been in place, yesterday’s tragedy and the mass murder in Los Vegas would have been far less likely to have occurred.

Background checks with no loopholes and gun registration are also vital parts of a solution to this problem. Are not guns at least as dangerous as automobiles? We license the latter, but heaven forbid the former (“Second Amendment rights” and all that baloney).

Will anything be done to stem this series of tragedies? No. Offering prayers for the bereaved is all they will do. Sorry, that’s not enough.

The Republican Party is in thrall to the National Rifle Association, pure and simple. And the NRA is quite simply a lobbyist for the gun industry.

We all have to think about where we are going in this nation. Can we allow our elected representatives to always ignore facts and vote just on ideology or pressure from powerful interest groups? Think about it.

John A. McCauley, Monkton

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