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Catholic church not scapegoat for all sexual assault

I was really disappointed to read what amounts to a cheap smear of all of Catholicism by Tina Alexis Allen (“Common threads between Brett Kavanaugh and me: predatory behavior and the Catholic church,” Nov. 30). Blame-shifting her alleged sexual assault at the hands of her older brothers, acts which she says were known to her father, to the Catholic Church and Catholicism itself is ludicrous. And of course, weaving in her Maryland suburban roots with Brett Kavanaugh's Catholicism in an obvious attempt to ride the #MeToo wave into notoriety is really pitiful.

Ms. Allen doesn't explain the despicable acts of her brothers, and presuming they are true, she deserves our sympathy. But it's her father and brothers who bear the burden and shame. Please let's stop generalizing and blaming others for issues that originate closer to home.

Mark Leuba, Ellicott City

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