No laughing matter when KAL cartoon refers to Nazis

To many readers, including myself, KAL's politically motivated cartoons have usually been somewhat controversial. Sunday's depiction of President Trump at the G7 summit (“Trump meets friends and allies at the G7,” June 10) goes beyond controversial to overtly offensive.

One could fill several pages with the atrocities President Trump has committed, ignored or condoned since he took office. However, KAL directly depicts the president being fronted by what are obviously Nazi SS storm troopers, right down to the uniforms and insignias on their hats. While there is no denying that the president and his policies have negatively impacted Americans and the country in general, as well as our place in the world, it is incredibly offensive to associate his conduct with that of Nazi Germany. Neither President Trump, nor the White House has conducted the massacres and ferocious acts committed by Hitler and the Nazis in World War II. President Trump has not brutally murdered and tortured 6 million Jews, nor encamped women and children in deplorable concentration camps. The White House has not rounded up masses of citizens and committed unspeakable acts in the name of a new republic.

I do not support the majority of policies and executive orders President Trump has enacted since his inauguration. Nor do I agree with his “America First” initiative of isolationism. But to blatantly and openly associate the president with the murderous regime of Hitler's Nazis is not only a grim reminder of a piece of history that will never be repeated. It is also a depiction of the extremely offensive and biased views of KAL that he should keep to himself. Perhaps instead of drawing offensive political satire, KAL should immerse himself in a few history books before making a veiled parallel of the conduct and missteps of the current administration and a murderous dictator.

Chip Hiebler, Catonsville

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