Carroll should reconsider travel ban

The decision by Carroll County school officials to discontinue field trips to Baltimore, purportedly for safety reasons, sends the wrong message to students (“Should Baltimore ban field trips to Carroll County?” Nov. 28). Baltimore is a hub of culture, rich with historical importance. Each canceled field trip to a city museum, symphony, theater or cultural institution is a lost opportunity to show impressionable children that urban areas offer a great opportunity to engage in learning outside the classroom.

There is value in making sure not only that Maryland children are given every chance to interact with local arts and culture, but that adults help them to understand that urban areas are vibrant, diverse, living classrooms. I would urge decision makers to consider the messages they are sending to their children when they have the opportunity to revisit the ban in January.

Anita Kassof, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

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