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How do we know caravan migrants aren't criminals?

In the second segment of your editorial (“Trump's tweets and the truth about the migrants at the border,” Nov. 26), you state as fact that the people in the caravan at our southern border are not predators or invaders, that they are families seeking what we take for granted.

What is your basis for this "factual" assertion? Do you have reliable, on-site reporters or do you simply watch CNN whose political biases you share? Are you able to state with absolute certainty that there are no criminals or gang members among those massed at our border? Are you suggesting that, as a nation, we simply let all comers in and hope and pray that there are no bad actors among them?

We need a comprehensive immigration plan. Until that legislation is in place, the citizens of our country deserve to know that our government agencies are protecting their health and welfare. The health and welfare of those who wish to live here must be secondary to that end. Your abhorrence of all things Trump is understandable; I am not a fan either, but in this instance his policy is appropriate until legislation is passed.

William T. Define, Lutherville

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