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Border wall opposition not about hatred for Trump

I strongly disagree with the letter of Michael V. Earnest (“Democrats should put their dislike for Trump aside and support border wall,” Dec. 24). in which he states that Democrats are refusing to support funding for the Trump border wall because of "their hatred for all things Trump."

It is true that I think that Donald Trump is an amoral, corrupt and really a pretty stupid leader. However, I would support a border wall if I thought it made sense. It doesn't.

Mr Earnest's comparison of a national border wall to walls around a beltway to eliminate sound really does not support the building of a wall at our Southern border. Mr Earnest's scapegoating people crossing the border as being responsible for most of our serious domestic problems is unfortunate to say the least.

We need to face the root causes of addiction and violent crime. We need to deal with senseless gun violence. The root causes are within our borders. American people are causing the problems. Stop passing the buck. Drugs crossing any of our borders are meeting a demand by our citizens. If there were no demand there would be no profit.

I do not want one cent of my taxes spent to support a disgusting wall at our Southern border. Mr. Trump promised that Mexico will pay for the wall. No smart person believed it. It's just another Trump lie — another promise not kept.

There are actually some Trump initiatives that meet my approval. Of course, I had these ideas before the rise of Trump. I believe in a pullback of troops, and I believe that we should require our allies to pay their fair share of defense at the international level. Unfortunately, I don't believe that Trump handled these defense changes in an appropriate or diplomatic manner. We don't want to alienate our allies. This reduction in troop strength should help lower our over-the-top defense budget so that we can deal with pressing domestic issues.

Our serious domestic problems cannot be blamed on non-citizens. We need to accept responsibility and move forward. This debate is a waste of valuable time.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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