We don't need a wall

In her recent letter to the editor (“Reopen government and build a border wall,” Jan. 10), Rosalind Heid suggests that we need the border wall because of the caravans of immigrants. She ignores the fact that the people in the caravan aren't crossing the border at remote places where there isn't a wall. They're entering at normal border crossings and requesting asylum.

Ms. Heid is also ignoring the environmental disaster that a wall would cause. There would be flood waters building up behind the wall. After spending billions of dollars building it, we, the taxpayers, would have to fund more billions of dollars taking it back down.

President Donald Trump has admitted that the only reason he is keeping the government partially closed over this issue is that he doesn't want to appear weak. That's not a good reason to build the wall. Instead, it would enhance Mr. Trump's image if he ignored the rabble-rousers on Fox. Then, he could admit that he was wrong about the wall. It would be refreshing to see Mr. Trump appear honest and wise for the first time in his life.

Henry Farkas, Pikesville

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