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Christine Blasey Ford has plenty to gain by lying

Letter writer Jack Kinstlinger states that Professor Christine Blasey Ford is due “a heavy presumption [that she] is the one telling the truth” because she “gains nothing” by lying (“Christine Ford has little to gain from lying,” Sept. 25). He further states, dramatically, that she and her family are in “mortal danger.” I disagree on both counts. Not mentioned is that Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family also received death threats. The reality: There is virtually no chance that anyone, on either side, who made such a threat would actually attempt to carry it out.

But more to the point: What does Ms. Ford gain by lying (or, for that matter, honestly being mistaken)? Why, by derailing Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, she instantly becomes a Democratic and feminist heroine: Just look at her, she single-handedly saved America from the evil Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court; isn’t she just wonderful? Surely, the talk shows will be clamoring to interview such a brave and wonderful woman.

Possible confirmation scenario: The Judiciary Committee, 11 to 10, refers the nomination to the full Senate; three Republicans vote “nay”; but three Democrats, up for re-election in red states, vote “aye”; Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed 51 to 49. What delicious irony that would be!

David Holstein, Parkville

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