Don't ignore African-American success

Thank you, E.R. Shipp, for acknowledging that there even is a black middle class (“What about the black middle class?” Oct. 31).

I am white, but as some of my black acquaintances say, "Why aren’t the media and society, in general, celebrating all the blacks who made it out, who have high school diplomas, college degrees, careers, homes, health care, families and who take vacations the way the rest of us do?"

The way today's media reports, you'd think that the only blacks in the country were inner city drug dealers and addicts. The media’s frenzies simply perpetuate the myths that there is no black middle class or upper class.

Washington, D.C. has had a black upper class for centuries with debutante balls and all. In fact, maybe the Chinese should riot. After all, the railroads from the Pacific Ocean across our country to the East Coast were built in the 1800s on the backs of Chinese sold out of China by their own people to come to America — to live in horrible conditions and be treated as slaves, prostitutes, etc.

Not one culture on this planet has a monopoly on slavery. Before there were villages and cities — on all continents — tribes routinely raided each other, murdered the men, raped the women and enslaved the children. What is being claimed as a complaint by one culture is actually the shame of all humans.

Celie Hanauer, Abingdon

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