When bicyclists claim redlining, they've gone around the bend

Liz Cornish's commentary, “Baltimore needs a citywide approach to street design” (April 24), was truly stunning. I reread it several times to confirm my worst suspicions. While the "Great bike path debate of 2018" is certainly of note — to some — to wantonly equate safety concerns of residents in a particular neighborhood to racism and restrictive ownership clauses in neighborhoods built a hundred years ago is disgusting at worst and an insensitive misappropriation of a painful period in this city's history at best.

The persistent legacy of racism is one of our nation's great challenges. To wield it as a cudgel in a civic disagreement over bike lanes is truly repulsive. To use it in ad hominem attacks on concerned fellow citizens in order to secure the ability of cyclists to ride their expensive Italian racing bikes through our streets is simply farce.

K.M. Stuzin, Baltimore

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