Why can't BGE restore power?

As of Tuesday morning, my electrical service had not been restored by the time I was promised. I have lived thru real hurricanes in this area for over 70 years. This last storm was not even a real hurricane, and the performance of BGE in providing a decent level of dependable service was ridiculously poor, particularly after all the promises BGE made after the Derecho of a few years ago.

No working repair crews have been seen by me; I've seen only a total of four out-of-state utility trucks whiz by yesterday, and my street must be used to access the area, so I would have noticed otherwise. I challenge BGE to supply data on their right-of-way maintenance efforts and supply line improvements for the years since the Derecho, if they have the guts to do it.

And what about our Maryland Public Service Commission oversight? What have they been doing? I suggest something called personal accountability on an individual level by corporate officers as well as the government agencies' members.

Eric D. Talat, Pikesville

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