Md. beer reform failure is reason to boycott Guinness

The Maryland General Assembly has given me reason once again to be glad I no longer live in that corrupt state. Small breweries were built by people who have spent their whole lives in Maryland, raised families, paid taxes, pushed all of their chips to the middle of the table to build on their passion and wanted to make something special that people would enjoy. Guinness walks in and wants to squash all of that (“Guinness brewery in Halethorpe releases beer with local barley and hops,” March 9).

Lobbyists get to work and then third world (sorry, third state) politicians push the citizenry aside to get a few bucks in their campaign pockets. All of the time and money put into the system by these hardworking people has been zeroed out. This is ridiculously transparent, absurd and disgusting. I’ll not purchase another Guinness product and I don’t think it’s difficult to convince people to not visit the new facility or purchase product. #boycottguinness.

Ethan Andelman, Atlanta, Ga.

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