Why must city tow cars of Md. hospital patients?

Recently, my friend and I drove from Cambridge on the Eastern Shore to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in downtown Baltimore. He had been smashed between a trash truck and telephone pole a week before and had been airlifted for care. This was a follow-up.

We parked on the street. Our appointment was 2:45 p.m. Between the doctor being late and the cast having to be redone, we left the center at 4 p.m. All the cars parked on the street had been towed, including mine! We had to get a cab, and the cost to get the car was $282.

I understand the rules and signage. However, this should not be enforced in front of the hospital. We could not leave. Baltimore City knows these cars are for hospital care. I am disabled, my friend in horrible shape. This experience was most traumatic.

And, living on a disability income, the towing fee was debilitating. I ask the city to remove the towing signage in front of hospital.

Maura Manley, Cambridge

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