Face it, Baltimore needs bigger roads

It is sad that some of your readers just don't understand the need for more infrastructure to accommodate the growth around the Baltimore area such as the letter writer who likens more traffic lanes on our major arteries to obesity (“Hogan’s road myopia won’t get Baltimore moving,” Dec. 26). Others have criticized Gov. Larry Hogan's plan to expand the I-95 and northern areas of I-695, claiming that we should not add capacity but rather keep things as they are to force people to use other means of transportation than cars.

Wake up folks, such forcing tactics are simply not effective. The population of the country is growing faster than ever and our society is mobility-based with the automobile as the principal mechanism. Rapid transit serves a very limited number of folks, mainly those who live in cities and are reasonably close to a subway or transit line and station. The I-695 beltway and I-95 corridor are certainly not in the city and both are woefully inadequate to accommodate the growing population. Governor Hogan's plans to expand both are the right moves, especially considering that almost no new construction is needed to expand the northern I-695 since the plan is to start using the wide shoulders as driving lanes — which is exactly what Los Angeles did starting back in 1983-1984.

The "obesity" Mr. Schlitz suggests is actually obesity in the population, and the proper solution to obesity isn't a bigger belt for sure but to reduce the size of the body. Does Mr. Schlitz then suggest we reduce the population of the Baltimore area? Of course not — so we must grow the infrastructure to accommodate the growing, productive population. Keep it up Mr. Hogan, you have the right of it!

Robert C. Rassa, Fallston

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