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City needs to look deeper at why cops are leaving

In Dan Rodricks latest column, (“Baltimore's need for more police officers, measured in square miles,” Jan. 4), he brings out the major problem in the Baltimore police department but did not really accentuate it.

Why are we losing so many qualified officers in Baltimore each year? We bring some in and more leave. It is like attaching new organs to a diseased body. Until you cure the disease itself the new organs will fail.

Two serious problems need to be studied in the police department. Why the officers are departing and how long do the new recruits last before leaving? Does the police department not know why the officers are leaving? Obviously some retire, some may be fired, some just get tired of the work itself. But there are a multitude of other reasons, and the department should be able to list, pretty much, why each officer left the department.

Fix those problems and maybe more people will stay in Baltimore and serve proudly wearing the uniform. And by the way, every time you meet a police officer, shake their hand, thank them for serving and wish them God bless! I do!

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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