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Don't give Ecuador free pass in Assange arrest

I am no fan of Julian Assange. He worked with Russian intelligence to help Donald Trump get elected president. I believe Mr. Trump is the worst executive ever and it will be years before his damage is undone.

Nevertheless, I am opposed to the extradition of Mr. Assange to the United States. Lots of the information published by WikiLeaks has been printed by major media outlets. Why arrest Mr. Assange but not editors from major media? The Trump administration once loved him but now is indicting him for revealing U.S. war crimes (“WikiLeaks’ Assange hauled from embassy, faces US charges,” April 15).

I was astonished by the allegations in The Sun’s coverage. The reporters accepted the Ecuador government accusations of late night skateboarding, harassing the staff and smearing fecal matter on the walls. How could The Sun print this nonsense? Show me the proof!

And the article claims that WikiLeaks was going to blackmail the president of Ecuador. Where is the proof? Thousands of articles about the eviction of Mr. Assange have been written. Why not run one about press freedom? How about an article asking if Mr. Assange should be prosecuted for publishing information about U.S. government malfeasance?

I am sorry but I have to hold The Baltimore Sun to higher standards. Your readers deserve better than unverified quotes from an Ecuadorian government press release. Engage in journalism, not stenography.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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