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Requiring ID to vote is 'common sense'

While I appreciate E.R. Shipp’s recent column (“No excuses, people: Vote while you can,” Oct. 30) and basically agree with her points, I still, and will continue to, support the requirement of a photo ID to vote in the state of Maryland.

Citizens of Maryland are electing those who will represent them in all aspects of laws, policies and regulations. And citizens of Maryland will be voting on authorization for spending billions of taxpayer dollars. Just these two reasons show why requiring identification to vote is more important than requiring it for things like getting a library card, purchasing certain over the counter medicine, asking for the balance on a checking account, getting on a plane and some other three dozen situations requiring a photo ID in the state.

Photo IDs are available for free at Motor Vehicle Administration offices, and if you can get to a voting location you can get to a MVA location — if you want to vote. It’s just common sense that one should be able to identify who they are when providing appearing at a polling location.

My question to the Maryland legislature is: What are you afraid of?

Richard T. Webb, Parkton

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