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Hogan wrong to block air quality rules

Why has Larry Hogan made it more difficult for me to breathe?

Recently, The Baltimore Sun reported that Gov. Larry Hogan "[hit] the pause button" on a number of pending regulations initiated by Gov. Martin O'Malley ("Hogan moves quickly to block controversial environmental regulations," Jan. 21). One of these regulations is a common-sense policy that would protect the health of thousands of Marylanders suffering from asthma, particularly children, by limiting smog-forming pollution from coal-burning power plants.

I am one of the 44,000 adults living with asthma in Baltimore. Two of the state's dirtiest coal plants spew smog-forming pollution into the city, and we can't afford any more "pauses" or delays on cleaning up the air we breathe.

Coal plant pollution puts me at a disadvantage because whatever I do or wherever I go, I must be aware of the limitations put upon me from our poor air environment. Code orange air alert days like we had on Jan. 22 are particularly worrisome because those are the days when I am most likely to have an asthma attack that could land me in the emergency room even when I have my medication. Some days I can't leave my house for fear of having an asthma attack. I am no longer able to hold a steady job because the symptoms of my disease are unpredictable. This is a disability, and that curtails my income.

The health protections currently blocked by Governor Hogan would go into effect and save lives this summer. We need him to enact them immediately.

Doris Toles, Baltimore

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