Registering guns wouldn't help

Why not register guns? It's a 'destructive' idea what wouldn't reduce crime.

In her uninformed letter to the editor, Clarinda Harriss ("Gun registry offers hope," Oct. 8) claims that "many of the most horrific recent gun attacks have been done with legally registered weapons." She is quite mistaken and this is flat-out incorrect. In fact, almost none of them were registered.

There is no national gun registry, and actually it's prohibited by federal law.

What she heard was that almost all of the recent mass murderers bought their guns legally from federally licensed dealers and passed the required federal background check. But the background check doesn't ask anything about the gun, it only asks whether or not the purchaser is legally allowed to purchase a firearm.

Some states, including Maryland, register guns owned by private individuals, but this has never proven to be effective in either preventing or reducing violent gun crime.

So no national gun registry exists and it would not be effective if it did. And we don't want one — gun registration is only useful for massive gun confiscation. I hope that this won't happen — it would be very destructive to our society.

Douglas McNeil

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