Statistics don't tell the whole story of Hogan's win

Schaller's statistics don't prove that race had anything to do with Hogan's win.

I must disagree with commentator Thomas F. Schaller's column on Maryland's gubernatorial election ("Race had a role in Hogan's win," Nov. 11).

First, a correlation coefficient of 0.62 between a county's racial demographics and Governor-elect Larry Hogan's share of the vote is a borderline association at best. In fact, unless the correlation coefficient is above .80 the positive correlation is not very strong at all.

Second, I am assuming the column writer took his data from county demographics spanning the time frame of the last election. But even then there is no verifiable data as to which race cast which ballot, so any statement Mr. Schaller is making is conjecture at best.

Please don't try to substantiate opinion with conjecture. It just makes it seem like sour grapes. A simple congratulations to Mr. Hogan without qualification would have been fine.

Chris Greco, Perry Hall

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