Maryland should support vouchers

Will lawmakers back Governor Hogan's effort to 'BOOST' schools?

Having spent my entire professional career in education, I wholeheartedly endorse Gov. Larry Hogan's BOOST program (Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today), and I believe that expanding the program will only make our education system that much better in the long run ("School tuition faces choice," Jan. 17).

It is proven that vouchers create competition and demand accountability from the schools for the purpose of finally getting our children to read and write — something that our current structure does not support. Vouchers give parents the opportunity to provide their children with an education at a higher performing school and therefore a better foundation for learning.

In the end, competition among schools will inevitably improve the quality of instruction as schools vie for students and funding. I'm happy that Governor Hogan recognizes that all children deserve to have the best available education, no matter what their family's income. Expanding BOOST will set up even more students for success.

Ben Shifrin, Baltimore

The writer is head of Jemicy School in Owings Mills.

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