Pope Francis' message on climate change

Congress should respond by approving carbon fee-and-dividend legislation.

After reading your recent article about Pope Francis' address to Congress, I was heartened by his focus on overcoming partisanship ("Pope Francis urges unity in address to Congress," Sept. 24).

His message of unity seemingly struck a chord with the members of Congress who discussed the address and what it meant to them afterward.

Among the many responses was a Facebook post by Rep. Elijah Cummings in which he implored fellow lawmakers, "may the pope's words serve as a reminder to all of my colleagues that we do not legislate in a vacuum, and we do not legislate for a day or a week. We are legislating for generations yet unborn."

Mr. Cummings is right and there are many Republicans who agree with him. Just last week, 11 Republicans introduced the Gibson resolution, which acknowledges the urgency of the climate crisis and calls on Congress to take action.

Now is the time for Congress to respond to climate change with socially just and economically beneficial policies. A carbon fee and dividend is the most direct, fair and politically possible path forward. I hope our representatives seize on the inclusivity and momentum brought by the pope's visit to introduce this common sense legislation.

Taylor Smith-Hams, Baltimore

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