Police bully white people, too [Letter]

Bullying and excessive force by police is not limited to race, but that fact is overlooked and not reported ("Protest decries police conduct," Aug. 15). I am a professional, upper middle class white male, now 50, and I have personally been bullied and received appalling treatment from police on several occasions, yet there is nothing that can be done to defend oneself or to enforce disciplinary action. The response from all of the legal professionals I have spoken to is: "In cases dealing with injustices brought on by law enforcement, it is very hard to prove and you will not win."

I find that the police have a dangerous mindset, believing their position equates to power over human rights and law. I believe this to be a very serious problem that will ultimately result in violence between citizens and police and the citizens will, at some point, fight back.

Glenn Summerfield, Howard County

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