Reports of PBS NewsHour's death are greatly exaggerated [Letter]

While TV critic David Zurawik's article accurately reported that the number of viewers is diminishing for the PBS NewsHour program, as well as for other news programs, there may an alternative view of why this is happening ("'PBS NewsHour' — on the brink of marginalization, extinction?" Nov. 8).

First, PBS Newshour usually does not cover sports, entertainment or fashion news, and younger viewers tend to get their news from the Internet, which may affect the size of the PBS NewsHour audience.

However, it generally seems to present in-depth coverage, with both sides of issues equally presented by conservative and liberal proponents interviewed side by side.

Second, just because host Ray Suarez left does not mean that PBS NewsHour will not have Latino reporters in future. In addition, there appears to be original reporting, as in Margaret Warner's interviews with the top leadership worldwide, from the U.S. to international hot spots like Egypt.

Hilda Coyne, Baltimore

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