Protect food stamps from cuts

Online ordering with food stamps is a great way to combat food deserts.

Kudos to the USDA for doing a pilot program exploring ways to allow people struggling with poverty to more easily access healthy food ("USDA makes way for food stamp recipients to buy groceries online," Jan. 6). Having the option of ordering food online using their SNAP benefits may ease the burdens of hardworking families. Most of these families do not have easy access to transportation, live in food desserts, and have time constraints due to working multiple jobs or caring for children and elderly relatives. Keeping their children from going hungry and from suffering the long-term damaging effects of unhealthy foods is a priority for SNAP recipients.

Unfortunately, many members of the new Congress are threatening to make cuts in the safety net programs (such as SNAP) that hardworking Americans depend on. These programs allow low-wage workers to get through an emergency, and they keep millions of people from falling below the poverty line every year. We must all hold Congress accountable and demand that they not break effective anti-poverty programs such as SNAP.

Susan Burket, Potomac

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