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Anger fueled America's rise

Anger built this republic.

Former Gov. Martin O'Malley told the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia that "anger never fed a hungry child, did it? Anger never protected a family's home or sent a kid to college. Anger never built a great republic" ("Martin O'Malley hits Donald Trump's 'American nightmare,'" July 27).

I wonder if Mr. O'Malley had a window seat during history class. Does he think the Boston Tea Party was a spontaneous flight of fancy? Were not the colonists outraged over taxes and duties imposed by a government an ocean away (does "taxation without representation" ring a bell)?

Did the leaders of the 13 colonies meet for tea and crumpets to politely discuss the weather, or were they infused with fury at their treatment by their royal governors and the king's administrators?

Of course they were! How else could a disparate band of colonists, farmers and militia coalesce into a united front to fight the tyranny of the crown if not fueled by common anger?

You can bet the Stars and Stripes that anger did build this republic. This is what the Democratic Party establishment seemingly fails to understand.

Although I am not a fan of Donald Trump, it is only too obvious that Mr. O'Malley and his party don't understand that the common man (and women) is simply fed up with the tyranny of the elitist, entrenched order.

Making speeches that are irrational and historically inaccurate only reinforces that belief. We can do better than Hillary Clinton. And we can certainly do better than Martin O'Malley.

Markus Rutishauser

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