O'Malley as worst Marylander of the year, maybe

I take exception to letter writer James Kelly of Ellicott City touting Gov. Martin O'Malley as the Marylander of the Year ("O'Malley should have been Marylander of the Year," Jan. 3). To give the governor credit, he did get four laws passed (involving gay marriage, gambling, congressional redistricting, and the Dream Act) that were then approved by the voters.

But Mr. O'Malley also increased the state budget (from about $27 billion when he took office to now $34 billion) while always telling us how much he cuts. He has increased taxes, fees and tolls significantly and is poised to propose an increase in the gas tax (a most regressive tax).

Martin O'Malley is the worst Marylander of the year (and there is no close second).

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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