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U.S. stagnates under Obama

As President Barack Obama continues to struggle with the economy, his annual budgets and his attempts to unravel the catastrophe of the terrorist attack in Banghazi, Libya where four Americans were killed, I thought examining Mr. Obama's political background before he took office could possibly provide some answers to these numerous conflicts which appear to be haunting him.

On the basis of Mr. Obama's strong campaign oratory, he was elected as President of our United States of America in 2008. He was no doubt the least researched, least investigated, least studied candidate. In fact, he was the least well known president in my lifetime of 91 years.

For example, while in the Illinois legislature, Barack Obama's "leadership" included voting "present" more than 100 times in an effort to avoid tough votes on abortion, crime, guns and other related issues. In other words, Mr. Obama did not possess the tenacity to debate these challenging issues before their processing.

As one closely examines President Obama's first term in the White House, you will discover that his promises to establish a blooming economy never materialized. Instead, employment decreased and taxes rapidly increased on everything.

In an attempt to balance the budget, Mr. Obama has sought to raise taxes. What a financial load this will place on the shoulders of all of us citizens. Will it be the answer to President Obama's problems? In my opinion, no. It now looks to me, both at home and abroad, that our country, the United States of America, is rapidly losing its prestige in the world and it is doubtful if it ever will completely recover.

Sadly, it certainly appears to me that our country is definitely in a state of stagnation at this juncture of the spring of 2013.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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