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Murderer of 10-year-old deserves death

If ever a case screams out for capital punishment, it is the torture, rape, and murder of a 10-year-old girl ("New details emerge in killing of Cecil Co. girl," June 15). But oh, no, capital punishment is "cruel and unusual," as our royalty in Annapolis have decided for us. It is no longer available even for such situations as the murder of Kami Ring.

I wonder what she would say about "cruel and unusual?" Is it a deterrent? Yes, that blob of protoplasm would never murder again. Is it in the public interest? Yes, the monster would not sit in prison pumping iron, going to college, watching TV, etc., on the public's largesse, and he would be out of "our" misery.

It appears the evidence is overwhelming. If convicted, the perp should be publicly and summarily executed using "blunt force trauma and asphyxiation." It would not bring back Kami, but "they shoot horses, don't they?"

Tom Levickas, Baltimore

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