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If it's bad, Obama did it; if it's good, he didn't

If it's bad, Obama did it; if it's good, he didn't.

Thank you Peter Morici ("Blame Obama for movie's censorship," Dec. 23) for helping all of us to understand that it was President Barack Obama's fault that Sony initially canceled the release of "The Interview" because he didn't rally around this stupid movie and left the movie industry to fend for itself. All this time, I was thinking that the movie industry was big enough to make its own decisions without government intervention. Silly me.

But the more I thought about it, it occurred to me that it was also Mr. Obama's fault that the Ravens lost their game in Houston. If Mr. Obama had just called the team together before the game to remind them how important this game was to ensure they would make the playoffs, I'm sure they would have been more focused and played up to their ability. But no, I guess he was too distracted by the crises in Syria and Ferguson to call Joe Flacco. Thank goodness he didn't bother to call the Chargers on Sunday either.

But of course let's not take this too far — because we all know that Mr. Obama gets absolutely no credit for the stock market's bull run for the last 60 months or the falling unemployment rate or the shrinking deficit or the steady rise in home values or the fact that today millions of people who could not get health insurance before are now covered and sleeping more peacefully at night.

Thank you, Peter Morici, for setting us straight. In the end, all we really need to know is that Mr. Obama is responsible for everything that has gone wrong and had nothing to do with anything that has gone right in the last six years. That's simple enough for anyone to remember.

Peter McIver, Towson

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