Evans should resign from Morgan's board of regents

Morgan needs a Board of Regents dedicated to achieving and preserving its goal as Maryland's premier urban research university .

I commend the Morgan State University Board of Regents for their 9-5 vote to oust Dallas R. Evans as their chairman on February 5, 2013 ("Morgan regents oust Evans as their chairman" Feb. 6). This courageous action proved that the regents would no longer be mislead by the unexplained and false accusations made by Mr. Evans against Morgan State University President David Wilson. Mr. Evans was the driving force behind the 8-7 vote on December 4, 2012 that denied the renewal of Mr. Wilson's contract at the end of June 2013.

Shocked and completely surprised, students, faculty, administrators, alumni and community leaders demanded a reversal of the December 4th decision. On December 28th the Board voted 14-1 to give Mr. Wilson a contract for an additional year, until June 2014. The lone negative vote was cast by Mr. Evans, who told The Sun's Julie Scharper that he would abide by the board's decision, but that the controversy surrounding Mr. Wilson had not been resolved. "This situation as it relates to Dr. Wilson is far from over," Mr. Evans said. The article states that Mr. Evans was adamant in his opposition to Mr. Wilson's leadership.

"I'm very satisfied with the position I've taken," said Mr. Evans. He connected the board's decision to remove him to Mr. Wilson's, who had waged a "very proactive campaign to position himself to continue."

Do these statements reflect Mr. Evans' acceptance of the board's decision to remove him as chairman? What then is his role on the board? Will he continue his opposition to Mr. Wilson's leadership? Will he work to fulfill his predictions?

Morgan needs a board of regents, unified and dedicated to achieving and preserving its goal as Maryland's premier urban research university. Mr. Evans should resign now. Morgan's progress must not be sidetracked. Mr. Wilson is the leader Morgan needs carry out its mission at this time.

Wilbert L. Walker

The writer is a member of the Morgan State University Class of 1950.

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