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Monument renovation not so disruptive [Letter]

I am sorry to say it, but the recent article regarding the impact of the Washington Monument restoration is complete rubbish ("Washington Monument restoration changes atmosphere of Mount Vernon neighborhood," March 24).

The writer bases the entire article on a few random "man on the street" interviews from which she derives conclusions that are not in sync with the individuals' statements. A young Peabody student who supports the work mentions that she has had more difficulty finding parking in the area. I live two blocks from the monument and have been parking on the street for the last 15 years and I have seen no increase in difficulty finding a place to park or any added traffic congestion. A young man complains that cultural events have moved away and that he can't get to them because he has no car. Well, the Baltimore Book Festival has temporarily moved to the Inner Harbor and First Thursdays has moved to Canton, (both unnecessary moves) and this may be asking too much but perhaps in return for a safe and refurbished monument, this young man might sacrifice a bit and take the 15-minute walk to the Inner Harbor or take the 20-minute shuttle ride to Canton.

Lastly, the author roped in the owner of Doobies Cafe, highlighting a passing comment about the possibility of less foot traffic and down pedaling his comment about the importance of the work. Well, Mr. Han doesn't have to worry too much as his place is a Mount Vernon favorite haunt and probably not so reliant on foot traffic. Also, folks come to Mount Vernon for a variety of reasons — our great restaurants, our clubs, lovely parks and, of course, the incomparable Walters Museum, not just for a glimpse at the monument.

It was clearly a slow news day and this desperate journalist needed to throw something together to give to her editor so she just created some "news." No community stakeholders or long-time residents were interviewed, just a few young people passing through for school and a cafe owner whose words were taken out of context to create the impression of disorder and disruption. This article is just pure foolishness and The Sun in its heyday wouldn't have touched this piece with a 10-foot pole.

Lyle S. Nash, Baltimore

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