Ehrlich's 'facts' aren't true

In his July 1 column, former Gov.Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.contends that as a result of the 2007 tax increases, large numbers of millionaires left the state of Maryland in 2008 ("Surprise: When taxes go up, taxpayers go elsewhere"). Apparently, Mr. Ehrlich is unaware that this claim was debunked two and a half years ago by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, which reported that the "decline has far more to do with the national recession — and its impact on household incomes — that it does with changes in tax policy."

Mr. Ehrlich's broader claim that higher state taxes cause net out-migration has been debunked by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities study in August, 2011, which found that "Tax Flight Is a Myth: Higher State Taxes Bring More Revenue, Not More Migration."

In short, Mr. Ehrlich's column is based upon "facts" that are not facts.

Stuart Levine, Baltimore

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