Michael Phelps has nothing left to prove, but it will be fun to watch him try

With all of the back and forth of politics this summer, it has been refreshing and inspiring to read Jean Marbella's articles aboutMichael Phelps leading up to the London Olympics ("Phelps looks to put stamp on perhaps the greatest Olympic career ever," July 22). Mr. Phelps might have some unfinished business and goals for himself at his last Olympics, but to his fans in Baltimore and all over the world, he does not have to prove anything else. He will always be the guy who elevated the sport of swimming and made becoming a champion swimmer the dream of every young kid.

He is just as wonderful out of the pool. I'm an elementary school a teacher, and one of my students, who was a huge Michael Phelps fan years ago, was dying of cancer, and Michael Phelps made a special trip back home from his training to see the boy, just days before he died. That's the kind of person Michael Phelps is.

Mr. Phelps says he loves Baltimore, and Baltimore loves him. We will all be cheering for him and wishing the best for him in London, but it doesn't matter what he does now; he has already "made it," as a famous swimmer and good-hearted person.

Ann Roberts, Lutherville

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