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Clinton's failings ignored

Why aren't the networks more outraged by Benghazi and the Clinton lies?

I can certainly see that NBC, CBS and ABC are co-campaigners for Hillary Clinton ("Hold Clinton and Trump to the same standard," Oct. 11). The side-tracking of the primary issues that confront this country and emphasizing some of the allegations about Donald Trump's personal life from decades past does pose problems for the Republican nominee. But what about one of the primary criticisms of Mrs. Clinton: The death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans assigned to Benghazi, a very dangerous place where security was insufficient?

Ms. Clinton chose to ignore these dangers and allow the ambassador to go there. And then there was her choice to use her unsecured private email server for State Department business. Much later, she said she was sorry. Sorry doesn't remove the consequences of one's actions that can lead to the death of individuals.

Dennis Stevens, Linthicum

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