McDonough's conflict-of-interest complaint a bid for attention in an election year [Letter]

On Dec. 20 of last year, Del. Pat McDonough filed a conflict-of-interest complaint with the Baltimore County school board's ethics panel over a part-time job Superintendent Dallas Dance took with a company that received a contract with the school system in December 2012 ("Delegate files complaint with ethics panel over Dance's consulting job," Dec. 30).

Superintendent Dance has since resigned his consulting position with the firm. The county ethics panel, which is an independent body, reviewed Mr. Dance's contract and the school system's ethics policy and determined that his performance as superintendent was not adversely impacted by the part-time consulting.

But though the issue has been addressed, Mr. McDonough wants to spend valuable time and money on it simply to make political noise as the election season nears.

Should Mr. Dance have taken the position? The answer is no. Yet Mr. Dance did the right thing and resigned the consulting job.

There are many more important issues that need to be addressed, such as making sure we get the funding to give every child a quality education, making sure our buildings have air conditioning and heat in every classroom and we hire and retain the best teachers for our children.

We need our legislators to spend time worrying about the important issues ahead of us instead of those that already have been resolved and have no impact on our children.

Norman Gifford, Chase

The writer is a Democratic candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates from the 7th Legislative District, which Delegate McDonough represents.

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